28-way the big competition.


Initial it was thought there would be only two teams for the one off event. Three teams entered that first competition in 2005 and the last was 2015. The biggest turnout was five teams in 2007. Typical it was run on the first weekend of June at Skydive Hibaldstow in the UK using two G92 (DO28 turbine conversation). I ran the Herding Cats team for 11 years, the members of that team can be seen on the Team page









These weekends were almost walkup FS load Organising for all levels from C licence and above. Starting typically March and then the first weekend of every month until October.


These weekends were geared at having fun with no pressure and all skydives were possible were engineered to allow all levels of skydivers to jump on the same group, some weekends were set as 'High experienced' level only. Minimum group size was 6-way maximum group size depending on experience was 14-way.


Pre-registration was advised in order to reserve a slot, but you could just rock up on the day on a first come first served basis on the 'Open Invitational' weekends.








why 'Strollerweb'?

Years ago I had a nickname amongst a few friends of Stroller, when I started to publish on the world wide web it seemed obvious to join the two names Stroller & Web, simple.