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This is the official Divepool for the annual 28-way comp at Target Skysports, Hibaldstow Airfield. This dive pool is being added too between the months of January and March each year, so from the 1st April this will be the dive pool for that year.
Team registration and rules for the 28-way competition
Supersize, 8-way this as the suggest is a super sized version of the 2007 8-way dive pool using 14 skydivers instead.
Go-large, 8-way same as above, but with 12 skydivers (rocket science stuff this;)
This is the current 8-way dive pool as of 2007, this document is colour coordinated with corresponding notes. This is the output from FS Skydive Coach in PDF format ***OUT OF DATE***
This application is a new version for 2010 which works on PC, MAC and Linux ***OUT OF DATE***
3D computer model G-ATCE Cessna 206 for Flying Model Simulator
3D computer model G-FLOH Cessna 208 for Flying Model Simulator
3D Landscape of Langar Airfield for Flying Model Simulator
This is a link to the web site were you can download the Flying Model Simulator, my models have been tested with version 7.5 ***NOT AVAILABLE***
Every tried designing a bigway formation? then this tool will make it a bit easier. DOWNLOAD version
Run Online version
Fancy a sneak preview of the CRW planner then checkout this link, this is work in progress and like all my Apps will be released at Version 3 (don't know why I just always seem to finish them at V3!)
Beagle Husky G-AwSNC 3D paper model